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Put Me In The Zoo

Call me crazy but last week we had to get out of the house and go visit the zoo!  Despite the temp being in the upper 90s, we had a great time with great friends.

Owen LOVES a-la (water).  I had to drag him away from the children’s zoo water area.

Ethan LOVES the elephants.  This exhibit is the only one he ever wants to go visit.  It’s so awesome now!  And our baby elephant is super cute!!!

So that’s a little peek into our zoo visit.  I’m hoping to make many more trips this summer.  Maybe next time I’ll remember the swim trunks!



I’m updating my blog…GASP!  How about I fill y’all in on what’s been going on?  We’ll start in late April…

Ethan had his end of the year soccer party at CiCi’s.

We moved into our new home!  And my best friends surprised me with dinner and cake for my birthday!

Ethan had his end of the year program at school.  I didn’t get many good pictures b/c of a little ornery mess maker right beside me.

The boys LOVE the new house.

Ethan’s school has a beach day at the end of the year.  It was so neat!

Ethan’s ‘girlfriend’ C.  He talked about her ALL year!  She is a super sweet little girl with a super sweet momma.

Ethan on his last day of Pre K!  Owen was ready to go!

With his buddies…

With Mrs. Hall…

With Mrs. White…

We had a little Memorial Day cookout on Sunday.


What’s Been Going On?

Let’s play catch up on what’s been going on…

Spring Break was spent in Houston.  Mostly in Mimi and Pepaw’s backyard.

While in Houston, we took a short trip to see my grandma, aunt and 2 cousins.

We spent some time outside in the beautiful weather at the arboretum and botanical garden.  It was really pretty there.

What’s better than being naked and playing with bye byes?!?

Ethan has a ‘wheels day’ at school.  They rode bikes for 45 minutes!  And they even got to ride them INSIDE the school!  How cool is that!

Ethan has been reunited with his beloved elephants at our zoo.  Asha, one of our elephants just had her baby!  Can’t wait to see the little baby elephant.


Soccer team!  Such a great group of boys!

Owen enjoying the soccer game this past Saturday.  It was super cold!

 Egg hunt.  I didn’t do a very good job at getting pictures.  Ethan’s basket was full after 30 seconds and Owen was more interested in filling up everyone else’s basket.

So we should be up to date now.  Hopefully I can do a better job at updating.  I’m not making any promises.




The boys being silly.

Ethan is really into Legos and Trio blocks.  This is a gun I think.

We’ve had our friends over to play.


And we’ve started soccer again!

Ethan still LOVES school too.

Owen still loves being a mess.


Stir Crazy

We have been in the house for WAY too long!  I’m starting to lose my mind!  Come on sun.  We need ya to shine and melt this white stuff away!  Owen wants to go ‘bye bye’ and Ethan wants to go to school…straight from the mouths of babes.

I attempted to get Ethan’s picture.  That kid does not want to be photographed.  Owen doesn’t ever complain.  ‘Cheese’ is what I hear out of his mouth anytime there is a camera around!


The Blizzard of 2011


What do you do when a blizzard blows through?  Craft!  I’ve been wanting to do this project for about a week but I just haven’t had time.  My canvas was prepped, letters were cut and Mod Podge was purchased (I ran out!).  Today was the perfect day to tackle my project.  I’m pleased with the way it turned out.  It’s not perfect but that’s ok.

*I know I spelled a word incorrectly.  Good thing this is just for me!  Haha!!!


My Boys

Today started at 4 am with my oldest throwing up.  He caught the nasty stomach bug for the second time.  I feel so bad for him.  He’s a little better which is good.  I’ve kept him quarantined and away from little brother.  That hasn’t been an easy task.  These two love wrestling around, chasing each other and just having fun.  I did get to snap a few pictures of them yesterday though.

Owen now knows how to unlock my iPhone.  At least he hasn’t figured out how to make a call.  He can text though.

Like father, like son.

Deep concentration…

My little toot. 

Here are some fun facts about Owen (mostly for my own memory)…

He can say Bible (baba), momma, dadda, bubba, nana, night night, juice, milk, more, thank you (gank you), stinky, bye bye and hi, ticky ticky (tickle tickle when we tickle him) pop tart (bop bop), uh oh (all the time!)

He waves bye bye (has been doing that for a while), blows kisses, throws a ball, gives great hugs and kisses and can take his brother down in a wrestling match.  He makes a vroom vroom noise when he plays with cars, trucks, airplanes or trains.  He is such a sweet 17 month old.  Can’t believe this little toot will be 18 months next month!  Time sure flies!

What’s Been Going On…

My Sweet Family