What’s Been Going On?

Let’s play catch up on what’s been going on…

Spring Break was spent in Houston.  Mostly in Mimi and Pepaw’s backyard.

While in Houston, we took a short trip to see my grandma, aunt and 2 cousins.

We spent some time outside in the beautiful weather at the arboretum and botanical garden.  It was really pretty there.

What’s better than being naked and playing with bye byes?!?

Ethan has a ‘wheels day’ at school.  They rode bikes for 45 minutes!  And they even got to ride them INSIDE the school!  How cool is that!

Ethan has been reunited with his beloved elephants at our zoo.  Asha, one of our elephants just had her baby!  Can’t wait to see the little baby elephant.


Soccer team!  Such a great group of boys!

Owen enjoying the soccer game this past Saturday.  It was super cold!

 Egg hunt.  I didn’t do a very good job at getting pictures.  Ethan’s basket was full after 30 seconds and Owen was more interested in filling up everyone else’s basket.

So we should be up to date now.  Hopefully I can do a better job at updating.  I’m not making any promises.


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What’s Been Going On…

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